Justin Tupik

MUED 518

Middle/High School Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students in class guitar will learn the rudiments of jazz improvisation using the 12- bar blues form.



            Chord chart for 12-bar blues in C

            Scale/Arpeggio charts

            Band in a Box pre-loaded with 12-bar blues in C




            Knowledge the following moveable scale types: major, dorian, mixolydian.

            Knowledge of related arpeggios

            Knowledge of relationship between chords and scales as it applies to improvisation.

            Ability to enter chords and transpose using Band in a Box.


            1.  Students will warm up by playing through the scales needed for the 12-bar blues in C: C major,  F mixolydian, C mixolydian, D dorian and G mixylodian.  Scales will be played in eighth notes, ascending and descending at a moderate tempo, using alternate picking.  Students will also practice the related arpeggios: CM7, F7, C7, Dm7 and G7.


            2.  Students will listen to the Band in the Box track of Blues in C, taking note of where the chord changes occur and the duration of each chord.  Q: How long does each chord last?  What scales can be used for each chord?


3.     Students will consult the sheet of practice patterns written in C.  They will practice them in each scale at a slow tempo.  Next they will practice each pattern following the chord structure of the Blues in C, again at a slow tempo.  Finally they will practice, using the Band in a Box track, at a moderate tempo.


4.     Each student will attempt to improvise one chorus using the following guidelines:

a.     Play the root of the chord on the first beat of each measure.

b.     Use any other notes of the scale to create one measure phrases


c.     Use any of the patterns already practiced.

It is important that the student play the root on beat one.  Any other scale tones can be used for the rest of the measure.  Students should be encouraged to listen to what they are playing and respond to their own ideas musically.



5.   Students should respond to the following questions: How did you feel improvising?  What was the hardest thing?  What was the easiest?  What did you like about your playing?  What did you dislike?  What were some of the strong points of your classmatesą performances?


Assignment:  Using the transpose control in Band in a Box, students will transpose the blues to the key of F.  They will write the chord progression on staff paper and answer the following:

a.     What is the interval of transposition?

b.     What scales are needed in this key?


Students should transpose the scale fingerings to those needed.  They should also change the performing style of the tune, again using the controls in Band in a Box.  How will this affect their performance?